Volunteer Services

Merry Heart Senior Care Services welcomes self-motivated persons fourteen years of age and older who wish to share their talents and care to augment the quality of life of our residents. Requirements of the job are a love of the elderly, an upbeat attitude and a desire to be of service. Some opportunities include helping with church services, assistance with resident activities such as crafts, bingo, special events and parties, doing nail polishing and make-up for the ladies, playing games with the residents, leading or assisting with physical activities such as balloon volleyball, ball tossing or exercises, playing a musical instrument during meals, visiting with your pet (pets must be of gentle disposition and up to date on all health requirements), helping transport residents to and from activities, reading to residents or simply serving as a friendly visitor.

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We welcome young adult volunteers who wish to work to fulfill community service requirements for scouts or other service organizations or for church related events such as Holy Confirmation or a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. A letter stating hours worked and service rendered will be provided at the conclusion of their stay.

For further information about how you can be of service, contact the person listed for the facility in which you’d like to volunteer.