All of the nurses get a 10. I won’t go anywhere else!  I’ve been to other places and have not gotten the care I’ve gotten at Merry Heart. And they do listen to what you have to say here. I’m sure if I suggest something they’d do it. And it’s very clean. The physical therapy is excellent. The last time I was here I shattered my femur but they got me walking and driving! 

Rita from Ledgewood, NJ, 2/2020

I recently had the extreme good fortune of bringing my ailing 95 year old Mother to Merry Heart after spending almost 18 days at Morristown Hospital. She left the Hospital with a Hospice recommendation. Upon arriving at MH, the Administrator named Anita said  "No, no Hospice for her." Over the course of the next week, the staff at Merry Heart provided exceptional and compassionate care to my Mom, so much so that she departed for home thereafter. She is now home living her life and walking again which was truly a Christmas blessing. Thank you again MH!!!!!! All of you were caring, respectful  and professional in the manner in which my Mother was treated. My family and I will always be so so grateful.

John from Morristown, NJ, 1/2020

Home Away From Home

My first impression, How beautiful and clean this place is. Registration was easy. We've been on each floor one time or another the staff is excellent, friendly, helpful and understanding, I asked for help for my husband and in the matter of minutes help came. I recommend Merry Heart to any one that has a loved one that needs care. 

- Celeste, 5 Star Review from Senior Advisor, 4/2019

Our First Choice!

Merry Heart was our first choice for rehab! Unfortunately, my mother needed their care again. That said the kindness shown and the compassionate care is really the big difference that makes Merry Heart stand out.

​- Janet, Review from Senior Advisor, 4/2019

Our Mom's Place

My Mom first came into Merry Heart for rehabilitation…but after careful consideration, decided she would like the 24-hour care as opposed to being in her apartment alone.
My Mom has expressed how nice all of the staff are; she always feels well-attended.
The nurses, aides, social services, and recreation folks are very responsive…our impression of Merry Heart is that of a very caring & dedicated staff. We know Mom is in good hands.
- Kathy Schneider, Review from Senior Advisor, 4/2019

It sounds cliche to say, however words can't describe how happy we are with ALL of Merry Heart's staff and facility! I'm the son writing on behalf of my siblings regarding the care for our Mother. I rarely take time to write reviews, however this is much warranted. Due to several unfortunate health issues, mom has needed skilled nursing and PT rehab after several hospitals stays. We did our research and we crossed our finders and chose Merry Heart the first time and each time following. Navigating elder care for a parent is something none of us are prepared for. It's not something they teach in school so you have to learn as you go, and it's scary. As adults we look back and see everything our parents have done for us so we take it very seriously when choosing the best care for our parents. The Staff at Merry Heart, (admissions, coordinators, social workers, nurses, aids, food workers, cleaning staff, and last but not least..PT and OT staff are all wonderful!! We visit often and the staff is like family. Our mom is a people person and a big part of her mental health is interaction with others. The staff has all been wonderful and extremely caring while working to build moms physical strength and coordination. It should go without saying, I have and will always recommend Merry Heart to anyone that owes their parents the best care possible. 

- Brian Hewitt 

Outstanding Care

Three weeks ago I was discharged from the 2nd floor of your rehab facility following completion of three weeks of physical therapy for a fractured vertabrae. Not only was my physical therapy extremely beneficial and professional, I also found my entire Merry Heart experience to be surprisingly pleasant. Without exception, every staff member I met went out of their way to be exceptionally helpful, friendly and pleasant. I want to thank aids Isabella and Lily for all of the excellent care and in particular always helpful, upbeat and smiling Noongi in spite of her having been a Civil Engineering professor for 17 years in her home country! The rooms and facilities were pleasant, the food was excellent and the dining room lunches pleasantly served. I was equally impressed with the competence, professionalism and compassion of your doctors, nurses and professional staff. Naturally, I worked most closely with members of the Physical Therapy staff. I want to thank Scott for his assessment plan, detailed explanations and equipment recommendations. I also want to thank his therapists who directly worked with and encouraged me: Heather, Tina, Allisa, and in particular, Shari whom I worked with the most. To summarize my Merry Heart experience it was one of my most pleasant, favorable and successful medical and interpersonal experiences of my nearly 89 years. Thanks to all!

- Norman Sindlinger, 3/27/2019

Merry Heart Rehabilitation Acute Care Facility in Succasunna, NJ, has been fabulous with their care of numerous family members and friends. Their Patient care has been attentive, caring and consistent. The facility is clean and has a pleasant atmosphere.

- Debbie Pappas Burne, 5 Star Review from Facebook, 03/07/2019

Everyone there is so pleasant and staff is so compassionate and wonderful with the residents. I highly recommend Merry Heart Assisted living!!!

Carlene Cannata, 5 Star Review from Google, 02/23/2019

My brother is in Merry Heart for the second time in 18 months. I would rate both of his stays with 5 stars. MH is a wonderful facility for rehab. Medical staff, therapy staff, aides, dietary, housekeeping, recreation, admin, social services, & management are all top notch. It was clear whenever I visited that the staff was really trying to do the right thing. The result: a caring, warm, nurturing, responsive and professional atmosphere. You can feel the Christian love & attitude. Thanks MH.
- Albert V, 5 Star Review from Google, 09/23/2018 

My dad was in Merry Heart after a hospital stay. I couldn't have been any happier with the care that he received there. Everyone involved with him was wonderful and caring. The nurses, the therapists, the aides all treated my dad with dignity throughout his stay. I hope that my dad doesn't need rehab again, however Merry Heart would be my choice should that be necessary.

​- Jeanne Hantson, 5 Star Review from Google 

Yes, we feel very fortunate to have been introduced to the fine caregivers at Merry Heart.
Our first experience started in August as my dad rehabbed from hip replacement surgery.  He appreciated the good nursing, excellent physical therapy, good food, and pleasant environment. 
It was probably even more significant that Dad got to return to Merry Heart after his next hospitalization.  In failing health at the time, he benefited so much from the caregivers remembering his kind, vibrant personality from his first visit.  Dr. Shroff  never gave up on him, her caring ways so very apparent. 
Anita, Director of Social Services, was there for us always.  She is a very special kind of person, so dedicated to helping all her patients. 
Our family is indebted to All the Caregivers at Merry Heart, for all that they did for Dad.  Thanks very much!
- Chris and Jim O'Leary, 12/17/2018

My father had wonderful care at Merry Heart. I work in an ER and I am always recommending Merry Heart whenever I can.

I thought the staff was phenomenal. My father was very well cared for, dressed every day and enjoyed the activities.

- Janet, from Randolph, NJ, 11/29/2018

It is a week that I returned home from Merry Heart rehabilitation. I would like to tell you that my stay was pleasant under the circumstances.

I have no complaints about anything during the many weeks I was there. There are a few people that took care of me that I would like to mention that gave me aside from the excellent service, gave a little of their heart too. They are nurses Jennifer and Wil, CNA Isabel, and Floor Coordinator Aerika.

At the rehab center I was in the very capable hands of Scott, Alicia, and Shari.

I congratulate you on the excellent way you run Merry Heart, and both my husband and I are wishing you good luck with the expansions.
- Mrs. Gabor Somjen, 11/25/2018

I am really impressed with the good service. The quality is top-shelf. They took excellent care of my wife's wound and pay very close attention to her. I would definitely recommend Merry Heart.
- Richard, Jersey City

I look for professionalism, courtesy and kindness. When you are going through this it is new and you feel alone.  You want to be directed and treated with respect. The staff, social services, the front desk, everyone is so kind. I absolutely would recommend Merry Heart to a friend.
- Mary, Succasunna

Merry Heat is a very clean facility and they have a good staff. People seem to be happy to work here and they are very respectful. The Rehab is very good and they make it so that you are enthusiastic.

- Martha, NJ

I can't say enough about the place. I was there for 2 months for the first knee and 1 month for the 2nd knee.
The therapists were really good and worked you really well. The CNAs were fantastic. The people there were wonderful.
- Maryann, Dover, NJ

 Absolutely would recommend Merry Heart to a friend. The cleanliness is terrific. I love that he has fresh laundered clothes every morning. their compassion… the whole staff from top to bottom!

- Odilia, Lake Hapatcong

Merry Heart Assisted Living is a first-rate care facility with caring staff, engaging activities, and solid management. I have a family member at Merry Heart now and have been very happy seeing how the staff engages residents in activities and helps them achieve a level of independence.

- Barbara Stevens

I was discharged from Merry Heart on Feb 14th, I want to say that everyone was extremely pleasant, happy and accommodating to helping me and getting me snacks and coffee. I greatly appreciated them and will be ever thankful to them for their kindness.

My nurse’s aide Doreen was a God send, always cheerful, helpful, kind and considerate. At 7:30 in the morning she was bright light that started my day. Thank you, Doreen.

My nurses Leidy and Ann were always cheerful and happy. They gave me my meds and took exceptional care of me. They kept asking me if I needed my meds for pain or some aspirin. Thank you, ladies, for taking such good care of me. I will always think kindly of you.
Now, to the most important two people who helped me during my stay at Merry Heart, Matthew and Ashley my two PTs. They were relentless in their quest to get me up and about. They were pushing me to do what needed to be done. I thank God that they were my guardian angels. I will never forget either of them and when I have and when I have achieved my goal of walking unaided. I will be back to show them how their hard work and determination paid off and got me back to normal. Thank you, Matthew and Ashley, I will always remember you and I will always be thankful for you being there for me.
Merry Heart didn’t stop there. Everyday we went down stairs and had lunch in the luncheon room. You had drinks, salad and a meal and dessert. It was pleasant change of scenery and meeting other patients and talking. Then of course, for another diversion there were games. Andrea from Activities did a great job. You had bingo, the word game, dominoes and other games. What fun it was and very interesting. Again, you got to meet and talk to your friends. Thank you, Andrea.
Last but not the least, let me give Merry Heart and all the employees the biggest and best Thank You very much for making my stay there one of the nicest working vacations a girl could want. Don’t ever change.
- Marilynn Ann Gorman​

My Dad was at MerryHeart for short term rehab and they were fabulous. The physical therapy team were great getting my Dad to push himself and helping him to get stronger and to return to normal activities of daily living! The staff all were very nice and respectful of him. The food was pretty good too and eating lunch in the dinning room was really nice. I loved that Andrea got my Dad involved in activities during the day! I couldn't have been happier with the care the staff gave my father! Thanks again to everyone.

Janet Viera

I was at Merry Heart almost the whole month of March of 2015 after suffering from a massive heart attack. The staff was exceptional and got me walking again after 2 months in the hospital. I enjoyed the conversations with Sarah, one of the employees, and Katherine, the night nurse.The people in rehab were also great. I have recommended this place to many people and those that have sent parents there have thanked me for the recommendation.

- Lou Ploch

The best Assisted Living/Memory Lane and Rehab in Morris County!

- Evangeline Rey Iavarone


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