Merry Heart Health Care Center

Family Caring For Family

Offering a continuum of elder care services from post hospital rehabilitation to home care, our commitment is caring for our residents like our own family. This is a philosophy that is shared by all our caring professionals.

We are privately owned and managed by a family of healthcare practitioners. Thus, we understand the importance of working together with the family to ensure that the elderly love one is given the help and encouragement needed to deal with their challenges.

Our Caregiving Professionals

We are supported by a team of healthcare and caregiving professionals who are devoted to provide exceptional caring for all residents and unparalleled service to family members. 

Each patient is evaluated by Merry Heart’s highly qualified team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, nursing staff, dietitian, social worker, and recreation   personnel. 

Patient care is top priority at Merry Heart.  We have high regard for your love one and treat them as our own.

Post Hospital Therapy Services

We provide comprehensive in-patient care for individuals recently discharged from the hospital who need assistance with their recuperation.

Our primary goal is to optimize functional ability, thus we dedicate all our hard work to all efforts possible to have patients return safely to their homes and  families. This is why our team designs an individualized treatment plan and works together with the family to ensure a speedy recovery.

Respite Care
Merry Heart welcomes your love one to stay with us for the night, through the weekend, or for a longer period. This gives you and the other family members an opportunity to travel or be away for certain periods of                time.

Dementia Care
We are committed to providing a safe, reassuring, and comforting environment to residents with memory disorders such as Dementia and  Alzheimer’s  Disease. Our residents enjoy a very structured day and in a soothing atmosphere surrounded by  hand-painted murals featuring happy sceneries from times past.

Hospice Care
Our Hospice care program facilitates physical, emotional, and spiritual support for residents dealing with terminal illness. The program is designed to provide comfort by management of pain and other symptoms, and ensures a compassionate, encouraging, and caring environment for resident as well as their family members.

Home Health Care
Our highly skilled, reliable, and professional caregivers provide personal care in the comfort of your home. Tailored to meet your individual needs, our home care service includes nursing care, help with light housekeeping, hygiene assistance, companion care, and transportation services.

Daily Schedule of Activities include:

• Social, Cultural, and recreational activities 7 days a  week
• Nutritious meals  and snacks served daily,  under the   supervision of a registered Dietitian
• Spiritual support  services

• Daily housekeeping, linen, and laundry  service
•  In-house Beauty Salon and Barber Services
•  Family meeting room with computer and internet access
•  Telephone and Cable Television Services
• Transport Arrangements

To schedule a tour, please call the  Director of Social Services & Admissions, (973) 584-4000 ext. 1183

Merry Heart Health Care Center