About Merry Heart
“Family Caring For Family” 
What makes Merry Heart Senior Care Services so special is that in all of our programs and throughout all of our facilities the staff works together as a family. They are a concerned, caring team that ensures that the elder citizens entrusted to our care are given the help and encouragement needed to deal with their challenges.  Our residents are given opportunities for accomplishment, joy and success. They are always treated with dignity and respect.


The History of Merry Heart

Merry Heart has been serving the geriatric health care needs of Morris County for over fifty years. Individualized health care is given in order to ensure dignity and a high quality of life to each resident. Merry Heart provides a continuum of care; many available programs that allow a more precisely tailored solution to specific care needs. There’s also the opportunity to change programs if the need arises. All Merry Heart facilities are located in Morris County, New Jersey. Merry Heart was started in 1956 when a Succasunna couple, John and Hazel Kadimik, pursued their dreams of starting a senior care facility to serve the needs of their growing community. They were friends with two elderly ladies who owned a large Dutch Colonial home next to theirs. The ladies loved their home but found it increasingly hard to maintain.


They eventually made arrangements with the Kadimiks, that their lovely home become the Kadimik’s senior care facility. With this plan, the Kadimiks had a convenient location to start their elder care project and the two ladies could remain in their home without the headaches of caring for it. They were the first two of the eleven residents that began Merry Heart Nursing Home. It opened in October, 1956. Soon after that it grew from eleven beds to 27 with an addition to the back. Over the next few years, the owners found that the community’s senior care needs were growing quickly. In 1963, a new state-of-the-art brick building was constructed behind the colonial house, facing Route 10. The new structure was later referred to as the Main Building. It accommodated an additional 34 residents. The original Merry Heart Nursing Home was then joined to the new building and referred to as the “Annex.” The opening of the Main Building marked the change from custodial to advanced clinical care at Merry Heart. After 34 years, in anticipation of their retirement, the Kadimiks decided to sell Merry Heart. They wanted the purchasers to carry on the tradition of community involvement and the “Family Caring for Family” philosophy of personal care giving that they had nurtured over the years. Their wish became reality when Blanche and Rudy Bonifacio assumed ownership in October 1992. The Bonifacios owned and operated Beverwyck Nursing Home, a 24-bed skilled nursing facility in Parsippany which they purchased in 1982. In 1993, the Bonifacios added two more licensed beds to the Main Building. Eventually fourteen of the beds there were converted to Medicare sub-acute (The sub-acute program enables a patient to leave the hospital earlier and get recuperative therapy and care at another facility).


As the community grew, the Bonifacios could see that it would benefit from additional geriatric care placement opportunities and programs. They set a goal of providing an upgraded, larger facility and a continuum of care that would enable more appropriate placements depending on need. After years of planning, purchasing adjacent properties and removing old structures, a modern skilled nursing facility came to life adjacent to the older buildings. The new facility, known as Merry Heart Health Care Center, now accommodates 107 residents and provides a variety of options on the continuum of care. It opened in December 2002. All beds in this facility are Medicare and Medicaid certified. In 2003, Beverwyck Nursing Home in Parsippany was renovated and converted to an 18-bed senior care center now called Beverwyck House of Merry Heart.


In 2003, Beverwyck Nursing Home in Parsippany was renovated and converted to an 18-bed senior care center now called Beverwyck House of Merry Heart.

In 2004, the Main Building and Annex, the original structures of Merry Heart, were both demolished to make room for the Assisted Living facility.

In late 2004, the Bonifacios were given the opportunity to purchase Tally-Ho Nursing Home in Boonton Township, N.J. This is a large facility located in a quiet country setting. This facility was upgraded and certified for Medicaid and Medicare residents. It is currently known as Merry Heart of Boonton Township. There are 111 beds and the facility offers most programs of the continuum of care.


Rudy and Blanche Bonifacio,
co-owners of Merry Heart
Senior Care Services
at the celebration of
Merry Heart’s 50th Anniversary during
National Nursing Home Week 2006


In 2007, the Merry Heart’s facilities and care programs came to be known collectively as Merry Heart Senior Care Services. Available programs of the Merry Heart Senior Care Services continuum of care include Senior Residential Living, Long Term Skilled Nursing Care, Sub-Acute/Post-hospital Therapy, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care, Hospice Care and Respite Care. There’s also a Home Health Care program which allows the choice of having a loved one cared for at home by our professional staff.

Merry Heart is very supportive of community endeavors. Students and groups who wish to earn badges and community service credits for their schools or places of worship are welcome. Piano recitals for music school students are hosted regularly. In addition, Merry Heart Senior Care Services sponsors an annual 5K Run in Succasunna. All proceeds from the race are donated to local charitable causes.

Runners registering for the 2007 Merry Heart Community Benefit 5K Run. The 2007 race had 743 registered runners and 661 official finishers.

All proceeds of the race are donated to charitable causes of the Roxbury Township community.